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In our work on water efficiency master plans we evaluate alternative structural and non-structural demand management measures, forecast impacts on demand and evaluate economic and financial impacts including savings in operating costs and capital deferrals. Studies also include meter data mining exercises to develop detailed insights into customer demands by meter size, customer class, zone and year.


Completed studies:


  • Water Efficiency Strategy Update, Guelph, 2016 (With C3 Water Inc and Gauley Associates Ltd.)

  • Mining Guelph’s Customer Water Meter Data, 2013

  • York Region, 2012-13 (with Freeman Associates, Gauley Associates Ltd., R.M.Loudon)

  • Guelph, 1998-2000 (with Braun Consulting Engineers)

  • Regional Municipality of Peel ON 1995-96 (with Associated Engineering Ltd)

  • Regional Municipality of Waterloo ON 1996-98  (with R.M. Loudon)

  • Described and evaluated on-farm water efficiency measures. Ont. Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 1992 (with Ecologistics Ltd.).

  • S. Saskatchewan River Basin Study—assessed watershed scale water conservation policies. Env. Canada, 1989 (with D. Tate).

Water conservation rate studies

Based on a detailed analysis of customer billing records, we undertake quantitative assessments of the potential impact of conservation oriented rate structures on customer demand. In this type of analysis we apply the findings of recent economic research on the sensitivity of the customer's water demand to price while at the same time acknowledging the very real constraints to rate setting that exist in local government. Some of these studies have included estimation of cusomer demand curves using local data.

The analysis generates profiles of estimated seasonal and annual savings for alternative rate structure scenarios.

Completed studies:


  • City of Hamilton, Ont. 2016 (with Gauley Associates Ltd.)

  • City of Guelph ON 2015-16.

  • York Region ON 2003 (with R.M. Loudon)

  • City of Guelph ON 2003.

  • Capital Regional District BC 2000-01 (with R.M. Loudon)